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Mummy's Scrummy Mother's Day Hamper Giveaway Announcement in March

Congratulations to our winners who entered our OrchardWorld Mother's Day Hamper Giveaway.

Congratulations to:

March 2023 Winners

Twitter: A. Johnson, Warwickshire

Facebook: F. Marshall, East Ayrshire

Instagram: S. Scott, West Sussex

Winners Prize

1 x Red Letter Day - Sparkling Afternoon Tea for 2

1 x ‘World’s Best Mum Banner’

3 x Happy Mother’s Day Balloons

1 x OrchardWorld Blush Oranges

1 x OrchardWorld Mixed Citrus Box

1 x OrchardWorld Blush Pears

1 x OrchardWorld Flavorking Plums

1 x OrchardWorld Apple Box

1 x OrchardWorld Tote bag


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