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Guess Benji Butterfly's Best Friend's Name Competition.

Hi, I’m Benji Butterfly’s best friend, can you guess my name? You can find the recipe to create a version just like me below.

Is my name…

A. Basil Bee?

B. Bertie Bee?

C. Bronte Bee? You could win a ‘Red Letter Family Day Out’. Simply pop your answer in the comments to enter, reply on our posts, on our socials > Instagram | Facebook | Twitter The competition ends at midnight on the 25th April 24. We will reveal the correct answer and the winner w/c 29th April 24.


1 x OrchardWorld Extra Large Seedless Orange

2 x OrchardWorld Apple

1 x OrchardWorld Grapes

Cocktail sticks


Step 1 – Cut the apple in half from the core downwards. Keep one half with the skin on and cut in half again. Peel strips off the other half using a potato peeler.

Step 2 – Pop a cocktail stick in the apple with the skin and then the apple with the peeled strips to hold together as the body of the bee. Then attach the head to the section with the skin on.

Step 3 – Cut an orange into quarters and using a cocktail stick attach to the body of the bee.

Step 4 – Take a grape and cut it in half to use for the eyes.

Step 5 – Use a piece of orange peel for the mouth.

Step 6 – Take a cocktail stick and break it in half. Add half a raisin to the top of each and pop into the grape to form the antennae.

And just like that you have created a Bee.


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