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King's Coronation Hamper Giveaway Announcement in May

Congratulations to our winners who entered our OrchardWorld King's Coronation Hamper Giveaway.

Congratulations to:

MAY 2023 Winners

Twitter: D. Johnson, Stoke-on-Trent

Facebook: L. Nancarrow, Horwich

Instagram: M. Parmar, Cheadle

Winners Prize

1 x OrchardWorld Mixed Citrus Box

1 x OrchardWorld Grapes

1 x OrchardWorld Tangerines

1 x OrchardWorld Blush Pears

1 x OrchardWorld Apple Box

1 x OrchardWorld Kiwi Fruit

1 x Children’s Kings dressing up cape and crown

20 x Union Jack balloons

Union Jack Flags and Bunting

Union Jack paper cups, plates, and serviettes

1 x Party Perfect Bites recipe book

1 x Royal Bingo

1 x Pin the diamond on the crown.

1 x Children’s Queen dressing up cape and crown.

1 x Children’s Charades


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