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Father's Day Hamper Giveaway Announcement in June

Congratulations to our winners who entered our OrchardWorld Father's Day Hamper Giveaway.

Congratulations to:

June 2023 Winners

Twitter: E. Savage, Sandgate

Facebook: L. Hughes, Kent

Instagram: N. Sutton, Manchester

Winners Prize

1 x OrchardWorld Mixed Citrus Box

1 x OrchardWorld Ripe and Ready Plums

1 x OrchardWorld Tangerines

1 x OrchardWorld Blush Pears

1 x OrchardWorld Apple Box

1 x OrchardWorld Ripe and Ready Nectarines

1 x ‘Especially For Him’ Red Letter gift card

1 x Happy Father’s Day bunting complete with 12 flags

1 x Best Dad ever badge


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