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OrchardWorld’s Orange, Almond, Pecan & Dark Chocolate Cake

Recipe below...

SERVES 6 | COOK 60 Minutes | PREP 25 Minutes (Oranges 2 hours) INGREDIENTS

2 OrchardWorld Large Seedless Oranges

6 free-range eggs

250g/9oz ground almonds

250g/9oz caster sugar

1 tbsp baking powder

Topping - mascarpone or whipped cream, melted dark chocolate and pecans and orange zest


1. Wash the oranges. Bring them to the boil in a large saucepan of water and gently cook for two hours.

2. Oven to be preheated at 175C use a standard 23cm/9in a cake tin or as in the picture use a metal ring to shape individual sponges from a rectangular traybake tin of similar size (more spoils for the baker!)

3. Once the oranges are cool cut them open (remove the pips if you’re not using our oranges).

4. Use a food processor to puree the oranges.

5. All the remaining ingredients can be added gradually and stirred into the beaten eggs. Then finally add the orange puree. Pour mix into the cake tin and cook for about an hour (it’s a wet mix so you will need to keep testing to make sure it is cooked), until the cake has a rich golden colour and has risen.

6. Leave the cake in the tin and cool on a wire rack. When the cake has cooled fully, Cut and serve with mascarpone, melted dark chocolate, pecans and orange zest.


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