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Apple-solutely Great (Part 2)

Did you read part 1 - Read here Our next visit to the school was to get all the children involved in creating their very own ‘frozen yoghurt fruit bars’. We demonstrated and talked through the recipe step-by-step for them all to follow. It was a very sticky and messy process, but the results were outstanding. Some of the children really got creative with their designs, whilst others used the juices of the fruit to flavour their frozen bars. All in all, they had a great time, and enjoyed eating the fruit whilst they worked. It encouraged them to ask lots of questions about different fruits and why they are harvested at different times. Once we cleared up, we finished off by pinning a map to the wall and asking them where certain fruits came from. If they got the answer correct, they came up to the front to place the sticker on the country that it was grown in in the right place on the map. We were really impressed with their geographical knowledge.

Our final visit was to gift each class with some apple trees for them to plant, nurture and grow their own fruit. We gave them some tips for planting, and they were incredibly engaged with the whole process. Questions were asked along the way to see if they remembered some of the things that we had taught them in the time we had spent with them. After this we gave them a blank piece of paper and asked them to draw or write about their most favourite part of our journey with them. Speaking to them individually as they were creating their masterpieces was an eye opener. Some of the information that they had absorbed was truly amazing. Finally, we finished off with giving each child a giftbag containing some fruit themed goodies. They were extremely grateful and absolutely buzzing.

We would like to thank Holland Park School for allowing us to work with them and their incredibly eager year 3 classes. It was the first time we had run anything like this and what better people to do it with. It has given us some great insight as to how we can develop our work with them and other schools in the future.

A huge thank you to Year 3 for being such a great bunch to work with THANK YOU FOR JOINING OUR STORY TO GROW & SHARE THE WORLD’S BEST ORCHARD FRUIT Did you read part 1 - Read here


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