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OrchardWorld - Sweet, tasty and green

Published in OcadoLife Nov/Dec 2020

OrchardWorld - Sweet, tasty and green

OrchardWorld’s English varieties are grown on Boxford Farm set within rolling landscapes on the Essex/ Suffolk border, with orchards spanning over 900 acres.

Helping hands OrchardWorld pride themselves on supplying a full range of high-quality fresh produce. They are focused on continually evolving processes to help the environment, using by-products from Boxford Farm to supply various forms of energy via an AD (anaerobic digestion)biogas plant while looking after the all-important bees that make fruit growing possible.

Renewables An AD plant uses a natural biological process that converts organic products and energy crops into renewable heat and power, clean transport fuel and nutrient-rich biofertiliser. The AD plant was developed using local resources and by-products from fruit growing and packing. The energy produced helps lower input costs, reducing the carbon footprint and benefitting local communities and the environment.AD plant technology has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 20% and can help to meet nine of the 17 UN sustainable development goals.

Warm and thriving The old wood from the orchards is either converted into woodchips (which are then sent to heat the greenhouses for the soft fruit)or the logs are cut up and used around Boxford Farm to help local wildlife to thrive.

Nature’s friend Certain insects play an important role in the growing of the fruit. The growers respect and look after them, providing the creatures with the security of cane insect hotels, placed strategically around the orchards and allowing them to attract all kinds of important bugs.

Advanced systems Advanced irrigation technology allows them to feed and water the crop precisely, calculating the exact time it needs to be fed and watered in the right quantity.It monitors the weather constantly, detecting any issues and automatically feeding back relevant information needed to protect the crop.

Best practice

Boxford Farm was awarded‘Best Biogas plant’ and was‘Highly commended’ for the most innovative approach to the integration of energy systems.

Safe hands OrchardWorld continuously develops better packaging. Some fruits bruise very easily and this presents ongoing challenges. Significant progress has been made over the past year, improving several top lines while working tirelessly to produce better solutions for any packaging that is not so readily recyclable.

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